HARA Ken-ichi

HARA Ken-ichi
Assistant professer
Biography Graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Graduate School of Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences, Hokkaido University. Ph. D. in Humanities. I have been working in CoSTEP since 2020. My main research subject is Matter and Memory, the major work of Henri Bergson, a French philosopher from the late 19th to 20th centuries. I have been clarifying Bergson’s philosophical methodology through collaboration between philosophy and science, and his theory of perception and memory.
Keywords French Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Study of Consciousness through Collaboration between Philosophy and Science


The original meaning of “philosophy” is “the love of knowledge.” However, in order to do philosophy, I think it is not enough to know a lot of things.You need to not only know the theories that great people like scientists tell you, but you need to be able to shake back and forth and taste them.

Philosophy and Science

When we shake the concepts of science, the philosophers get fun and start dancing in the rhythm of science. Sometimes the scientist gets angry with us. But sometimes the scientists also get into the rhythm with the philosophers, and they form a rock band. I would like the scientists to realize that the beat of the humanities is also fascinating.

Philosophy Café

Let’s philosophize together! But how do we do it? If so, please come to the Philosophy Café. Instead of thinking about it in your head, let’s try dancing together! We’ll make up a light-hearted dance song and talk about it with a beat that even beginners can chime to. At the end of the night after dancing, you may see the world a little differently than usual…!