3 courses

CoSTEP consists of the “regular course” where students can attend the Sapporo Campus of Hokkaido University to learn about science and technology communication in earnest, the “selective course” where those who have difficulty attending Hokkaido University frequently can take CoSTEP by making use of the intensive courses offered through videos and schooling distributed on demand over the Internet, and the “advanced course” where graduates of CoSTEP can take CoSTEP to deepen their practical activities and research.

regular course

  • As a science communicator, students acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills to plan and implement various science and technology communication activities on their own initiative.
  • Students take lectures, regular exercises, and lab practical training as compulsory subjects.
  • In principle, students will learn 27 classes in the classroom at Sapporo Campus and in videos distributed online. You can take up to 12 classes on demand.

elective course

  • You will acquire basic knowledge and skills as a science communicator.
  • Students take lectures and selective exercises, as compulsory subjects.
  • Lectures can be taken on demand, so even those who have difficulty commuting to university frequently can take them.
  • There are 2 types of exercises and you can choose either one. There is no practice in the selection course.
  • Students in selected courses can take some of the regular course exercises.

advanced course

  • Students acquire applied knowledge and skills to deepen their experience as science communicators and to compile the results of their activities into papers and reports.
  • Practical activities and research are conducted with the support of academic advisors, and the results are reported and published.
  • Anyone who has already completed a CoSTEP regular or selective course and has the desire and ability to independently plan and carry out practices and research can apply for the course.
  • You can take 27 classes a year in the training course. There are no exercises or practical training offered in the regular courses or selective courses.