Postgraduate Education

CoSTEP offers courses for graduate students at Hokkaido University.

Communication in Science and Technology I/Self Promotion Skills for Graduate Students I

Students will organize the significance and interest of their own research and engage in practical activities to express this in writing. Through this activity, students will acquire basic skills in science writing and understand the significance of promoting their research.

Communication in Science and Technology II/Self Promotion Skills for Graduate Students II

This class will teach how to summarize your research, and you will acquire the skill of graphic design for visual expression and the ability to express your research contents for society.

Inter-Graduate School Classes(General Subject): Inter-Disciplinary Sciences/Outreach Skills for Graduate Students

In order to practice outreach activities, students will learn presentation skills to communicate their research in an easy-to-understand manner.

Hokkaido Summer Intitute: Researchers & Creators: Think about Forest

In this class, artists and scientists will experience the process of representing a forest using data from Hokkaido University. In the class, students will be given an overview of bio-art with glass material, and will be given a chance to see works created through discussions between Hokkaido University researchers and artists, and to share the production process.