Learn about program qualifications and the students CoSTEP requires.

Enrollment Qualifications

The program is available for “A person who has graduated from university or has equivalent literacy”. Humanities and social sciences, science, age, occupation and so on do not matter.
Students other than graduate students of Hokkaido University and working people living outside Hokkaido can also take the course.

Student seeking

We are looking for people who have a strong desire to continuously engage in science communication activities based on what they have learned through the programs provided by CoSTEP. For example, the following people are expected to take the course:.

If you are an active student, a teacher, or a retired teacher, or a parent, for example, and want to give a visiting class to children to raise their interest in science and deepen their understanding, or to hold various events such as a science cafe.

As a member of a research group at a university or research institute, you want to effectively communicate your research results to society. Or a person in charge of such transmission as a job.

If you are looking for a different project or event in a science museum, museum or zoo.

NPOs and NGOs working on issues related to science and technology.

Those who are involved in the administration or active in the community, etc., and wish to promote dialogue and mutual understanding between experts and the general public (local inhabitants) in science and technology. Interested in risk communication and consensus meetings.

Those who want to develop practices on the theme of science and technology in the fields of high school cooperation, open education, and citizen science.

These are examples only. We would like to encourage all professionals to participate in the program if they share the vision of the future of CoSTEP and want to demonstrate leadership in promoting interactive communication on science and technology.