IKEDA Takako

IKEDA Takako
Special Appointment Lecturer
Biography PhD (Veterinary Medicine). Degree from Hokkaido University Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, and completed the 10th CoSTEP program. Worked as a freelance graphic designer in my student days, and am currently practicing and exploring science visualization. Animal owner history = my age. Mastered horse riding and Japanese archery in order to play Yabusame (horseback archery) one day. Rakugo and Japanese poetry are my heart friends.
Introduction to Education and Practice I specialize in the ecology of red foxes living in urban areas and the epidemiology of Echinococcus, a parasite that they transmit to humans. In recent years, I have been working with urban parks in Sapporo to implement infection prevention measures and engage in risk communication with local residents. I am now realizing the potential of science visualization as a communication tool for community dialogue and mutual understanding with others.
Keywords Wildlife and Human Society, Zoonosis, Science Visualization