Discover CoSTEP

This section introduces the practical activities of CoSTEP.

Science Cafe

We plan and implement Science Cafe Sapporo and other events in order to discuss science and technology with researchers in a relaxed atmosphere.


We are running a web page (Like! Hokudai) to convey the appeal of Hokkaido University. In this webpage and other media, we interview researchers at Hokkaido University and review books on science and technology.

Forum for Dialogue

We have developed a new type of workshop that deepens the relationship between science and technology and society through discussion and hands-on experience, and are implementing it at the Science Agora and other events.

Cooperation with inside and outside the university

We carry out practical activities in collaboration not only with researchers and research institutions of Hokkaido University, but also with companies and governments outside the university. We will actively engage in cooperative projects with high schools.


We are conducting theoretical and practical research and development on science and technology communication and methods for training people to practice it. In addition, we are developing and providing educational programs for the education of science and technology communication.

Science and Technology Communication Training Program

We provide a science and technology communicator training program that can be taken by many people, and convey the “creativity of value” and “fun” of science and technology communication.

Graduate School, Faculties, Faculty Development

We provide courses for undergraduate and graduate students of Hokkaido University to develop basic skills in science and technology communication, and conduct FD activities for teachers.

Art and Design

We will conduct artist-in-residence activities and participatory exhibitions to create a new type of science and technology communication that fuses science and art.

Video and audio

Reports on Hokkaido University’s cutting-edge research through video. We produce and distribute a variety of videos, including experimental art and documentaries. You can listen to the science variety show “Kagaku Tankentai Koastep” as a podcast.

Science and Society

We take up trans-scientific issues that arise at the interface between science and society, and create a space for risk communication with participants.


By conducting science cafes and workshops online, we are challenging new forms of science and technology communication.

Digital contents

We are developing methods of science and technology communication using digital contents such as virtual reality (VR) and web applications.