Staff Outcomes

There are our staff outcomes in English.

  • “Ken Kawamura, Daisuke Yoshinaga, Shishin Kawamoto, Mikihito Tanaka,
    and Ryuma Shineha”
    Exploring the Contexts of ELSI and RRI in Japan: Case Studies in Dual-Use, Regenerative Medicine, and Nanotechnology, Risks and Regulation of New Technologies Springer Chapter 14: 271-290 (2020)
  • Yoshihiko Kobayashi and Masayuki Matsuo
    s-wave quasiparticle resonance in neutron-rich drip-line nuclei Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
    The Physical Society of Japan Volume 2020, Issue 1: 013D03-1, 013D03-24 (2020)