Special Appointment Assistant Professor
Biography My research fields are theoretical nuclear physics, science communication, and educational development. I received my Ph.D. in science from Niigata University in 2017. In the same year, I also completed the elective course of the CoSTEP in science writing. In 2017-2020, I was working on educational development as a research assistant professor at Kyushu University. In September 2020, I became an assistant professor at the CoSTEP.
Education and Practices At the CoSTEP, I am mainly working in science writing education. With students, we are exploring how to write the essence of science and technology or research effectively, and how to write sentences that move the reader’s heart.
Since I was a graduate student, I have been planning and operating a science cafe.
Keywords Nuclear physics and its related topics, Extension of science cafe, Features of science communicator
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Nuclear physics and its related topics

Atomic nuclei are no longer just objects in physics. In many situations such as nuclear power, radioactive waste, fusion power, radiation therapy etc, atomic nuclei are involved in social life. What should be a society with nuclear science? I want to approach that problem with science communication.

Extension of science cafe

I hope that science cafes will be held all over the country. I am conducting research to support such a future in which science permeates society through the science cafes. Dreaming of a day when science becomes a culture.

Features of science communicator

I don’t want to hear, “Am I a science communicator if I complete a course of the CoSTEP?”. Therefore, I would like to clarify the duties and abilities required of science communicators. I believe it will lead to an increase in the value of science communicators.